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We are located in Waterloo, ON. Our main service is providing you with a flexible rental. We carry all of the equipment necessary to play your favourite bubble sports, at your desired location. We offer a fun and personalized experience, for the BEST PRICE! Request a booking now with NO deposit required!

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We offer a personal experience, complete with free photos to capture your bubble soccer party. You can count on us to set up your event on time,  every time. We get in touch with you immediately after you request a booking, to accommodate all of your requests. We also contact you a day before your booking to confirm and make any adjustments. Our customers are pleased with this. We allow them to alter the date or time if weather or other factors aren't cooperating.



Lowest Prices

We also offer low travel rates, and travel up to 200 km outside of Waterloo. NO deposit is required when you request a booking with us. This means NO cancellation fees & NO hidden charges!




Bubble soccer is the newest craze in sports. With origins in Europe, this fun, carefree sport is spreading worldwide, creating headlines on the news, and even appearing on late night talk shows!


Bubble Sports

Bubble Soccer - This game is exactly like soccer but full contact is allowed. Objective: Players must hit the soccer ball in the goal to score. 

Bubble Bulldog - One Bulldog starts the game in the middle of the field. All the other players starts at one end of the field. Objective: Players must reach the other side of the field without getting knocked down. If a player gets knocked down, he becomes a Bulldog. Repeat the process until all players are bulldogs.

King of the Bubble - In this game, it's every warrior for himself. Objective: Players play within a defined area. Players must eliminate other players by pushing them outside the defined play area. Last warrior in the play area wins!


President - Each team selects one president. Objective: Players must attempt to keep their president on his/her feet, into the other team's score zone for a point.

Create your own game and tell us about it!